The Team

Where the Passion Begins

Vijay Lumba

Owner and President of Aborn Electronics for over 40 years, Vijay has grown Aborn Electronics into a top tier Contract Manufacturer that provides products globally to several fortune 500 companies.  During those years he has designed, developed and is the owner of several patents in the field of Medical Devices. Devices such as Systems for monitoring fetal status. This invention describes a system of monitoring devices to implement such goals and maximize the potential welfare of the fetus. It furthermore allows the formation of a reference database that can correlate intrapartum events from prior births. Vijay graduated from college in Delhi University bachelors degree in 1968, and a Masters Degree from Santa Clara University in 1973.

Leonard Stephens

Leonard Stephens has been in the field of Quality Assurance for 35 Years. From his days at IBM Leonard was the Market Driven Quality Leader. He left IBM in 1992 and started his own consulting firm Auditpro. Auditpro has provided services to over 50 companies with a 100% success rate. Companies such as Ashland Chemicals, Sanmina Corporation, Rocket EMS, Omega EMS, NBS, Transcomm Technologies, Deanza Mfg, and others. Leonard is a certified RAB Auditor and has provided auditing services for two Registrars NQA and (currently) Intertek, both of which are highly regarded third party bodies. Leonard has consulted and audited companies globally. He has been a member of the Aborn Electronics Team for 3 years.

Khanh Pham

Mr. Khanh Pham has over 20 years of Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry experience. Mr. Pham has a proven track record in operations, personnel management and leadership. He brings to Aborn Electronics his strengths and expertise in operations, logistics, and strategic planning, as well as his unique strengths in replacing manual efforts with integration, error-free automated feedback loops, self-correcting data and expert systems.